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Companies need facts to make good hiring decisions. Getting the facts and honest and thorough answers isn't easy. It takes skill. Organizations that hire well create an environment that facilitates open conversation between job candidates and interviewers. Interviewers are well trained in the art of investigating.

Excellent interviewers have the skill of discernment. They can separate "fact from fantasy." Discernment is a "trainable" skill, and William E. Miller, founder of Performance Leadership, LLC uses a unique framework to help interviewers develop and improve their judgment.

This pithy read helps interviewers control their biases when interviewing and teaches them how to make decisions based on competency and compatibility. In 99 pages and 9 short chapters, you will learn:

  • Controlling the Impact of Economic Cycles on Hiring Decisions
  • The True Role of the Interviewer in the Hiring Process
  • The Importance of Developing Hiring Skills for Leadership
  • Interviewer Bias and How to Avoid It
  • Setting Objectives for the Interview
  • Three Critical Skills of Good Interviewing
  • The Skill of Discernment
  • How to Focus on Behavior
  • Basing Your Hiring Decisions on Competency and Compatibility

The book’s appendix contains a sample Interview Guide that can be modified to fit your company’s hiring requirements.

Paramount Market Publishing in Ithaca, New York is offering the book for $19.95. You can learn more about it and order on line at www.paramountbooks.com/art-strategic-interviewing, you can call Paramount toll-free at 888-787-8100. They are offering special pricing on quantity orders.