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Management Interviewing Skills  E-mail

bigstock_Interview_3339021There is no substitute for a good interviewer who understands your company’s culture and the human characteristics that the job requires…no substitute! Managers seem to be always looking for the hiring panacea… the pre-employment test, the latest hiring process fad, the web based application center, or the high priced recruiting firm… but nothing can replace the competency of a good interviewer. Companies would be well advised to not spend a penny on hiring aids until it has established the internal competency of effective interviewing. Excellent hiring practice requires an effective hiring process staffed by managers who know what they’re doing… managers who know how to interview candidates well.

Companies need candid discussion and facts to make good hiring decisions. Getting those facts isn’t easy. It takes skill. Organizations that hire well create an environment that facilitates open conversation between job candidates and interviewers. Their hiring process fosters a sense of security and the candid flow of information.

bigstock_Job_Interview_1848067 Excellent interviewers have the skill of discernment. They can separate “fact from fantasy”. Discernment is a “trainable” skill, and we use a unique framework to help students develop and improve their “judgment calls”. Good judgment depends upon the interviewer’s attitude and six skills that make up our framework for excellent interviews…
  • Planning the interview
  • Listening to your instincts
  • Reacting to Inconsistencies
  • Knowing when and how to follow up
  • Understanding the candidate’s motives for job change
  • Behavioral interviewing

The program is a highly interactive full day event. Students take home new interviewing skills, new insight, and the ability to get accurate and factual information needed for effective hiring decisions.

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