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Bill Miller was a tremendous asset to the Cintas Corporation. His approach to training were years ahead of their time. Bill had a major positive impact to the growth of our company especially during the formative years. Bill is an outstanding and knowledgeable trainer and former Cintas Executive.

Vice President, Cintas Corporation


I had the privilege to work for Bill Miller when he was the VP of Training & Development at the Cintas Corporate Office. Bill was the creator of the Corporate Culture, Skill Based Leadership and Meticulous Hiring programs plus many more training topics which made Cintas the leader and best in their industry. He is the most creative and talented writer I've ever known. He captivates and inspires his audience with his motivational Public Speaking skills. Bill has an amazing ability to bring out the best in everyone. I am grateful to have been his understudy as I applied all of his training to my career and personal life which enhanced my success as a Leader and Mentor. Thank You Bill!

Bea Weston, General Manager
Cintas Corp.


Bill has changed thousands of lives and careers through his unique ability to create very tactical training materials and then the stage presence to present and challenge attendees to put the processes and concepts into action. I would defiantly call him the Master. Cintas has been fortunate that Bill was the trail blazer and in not a small way has helped Cintas become the Fortune Company it is today!

Jim Worley, Director of Recruiting


We are proud to be affiliated with Miami University's Corporate & Community Institute. Miami has adopted our Leadership Training Programs and has added them to their curriculum.



“I want to express our gratitude for the consulting work you have done for our company. We have revamped our hiring process and have had great success in the past two years attracting and hiring the best people.

I would strongly recommend your services to any company who is looking to improve their hiring.”

John Lindberg, President
Dial One General Electronic Security, Inc.

The two-day Human Relations and People Skill training was a huge success. Of the 13 participant's evaluations, 12 gave the program an overall "Excellent" rating and one ranked it “Very Good”. Here are the comments from our employees….

  • "Pleasure to have this class. I usually hope to get one thing from a class you can use. But in this class I got many!!"
  • "I would recommend this training for all Managers and Supervisors"
  • "I was impressed with this course. So many times I've been to similar courses and the content was not set on the experience of the teacher. Thank you!!"
  • "Best leadership training encountered in over 20 years."
  • "This was an Advanced coaching seminar and it was great!"
  • "I came into this class thinking I'm a great leader but I came away with a 5 bullet plan of attack for my leadership style to make me better and my team better."

(And the last comment came from the only person who did not rate the overall class "Excellent".)

  • Thank you Performance Leadership and thank you Bill Miller!

Rebecca Koehnke, Director Human Resources
Messier – Bugatti USA

“I wanted to advise you that we have successfully implemented your Performance Hiring process. The quality of new hires for sales and customer service is very good. Our managers are committed to this program. HR has done a great job riding herd over it. You would be proud of them. Thanks again for sharing your hiring system and formula with us.”

James R. Howe, Jr.
President and CEO
Big Chief Inc., The Heater Leader

“Bill developed and delivered our core management training to thousands of Cintas managers. These programs concentrated on leadership, and key skills we expect of our leaders including cultural compatibility, hiring well, serving customers, and many more. We have high expectations of our training programs and Bill never let us down. He is an expert in training program development and delivery. Our people left his sessions with more than ‘something to think about’…they left with ‘something to do’. “

Scott D. Farmer CEO
Cintas Corporation

“I was a bit skeptical when they told me this was going to be a two-day class on hiring practices. Committing to two days was really a strain on my already-busy schedule. But, having gone through the class, I have to admit that I’m glad I went. This was an enlightening and informative class which allowed me and my company to immediately put into place the information taught and learned. It was a good investment of my time and my company’s time!”

Dennis W. Phillips, Vice President Operations
Baker Concrete Construction Inc.

“As a rapidly growing company, Paycor wants to hire outstanding candidates who can hit the ground running. The Performance Hiring seminar has given us powerful tools to improve our selection and interviewing process and to improve the success rate of matching candidates with positions. The job analysis process alone is an outstanding communication tool that provides managers with insights into what the key critical success factors are in a position. We completed our first job analysis just a few days after finishing the seminar and already have several more scheduled.”

Shirley LaPiana-Martin, Vice President
Paycor Inc.

The Performance Hiring Boot Camp provided me with all the tools I need to create a hiring process that eliminates candidates who are not a good fit for my employer. Anyone who has suffered from the expense and stress of a bad hire understands the value of an effective selection process that eliminates hiring mistakes. Managers that believe employees are a company’s greatest asset will instantly recognize that this boot camp has great value for their organization and provides an immediate return on investment. This workshop has great take-home value and should be on every employers “must have” list.

Janine Bradbury, HR Manager
Spectrum Financial

Now that I’ve attended Bill Miller’s “Performance Hiring Boot Camp”, I realize how silly we must have appeared to many of the people we’ve interviewed over the years. We now have a specific roadmap to follow when interviewing candidates for placement within our organization. We’re planning on 15% growth over the next five years, and hiring the right people is essential to the success of that plan. I now feel confident that we can get the right people on the bus, thanks to this intensive course.

Rick Koehler, President
Architects Plus