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Corporate Rx: The Common Sense Cure to Rising Healthcare Cost

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dis·cre·tion...Builds Success

Pronunciation: dis-'kre-sh&n
The power to use his or her own judgment in making decisions guided by what is fair and equitable. Freedom to act or judge on one's own.

Sooner or later, the mission statement on the wall, and the strategies to accomplish it, boil down to tactics and execution: leaders working with the people in the field, the office, and the plant floor. Executing strategy and accomplishing objectives depends on people and their performance. Growing your company and taking it to the next level often requires some very tough people decisions ... and that requires management discretion. Without discretion, managers fear change and procrastinate. They tolerate mediocrity and incompetence and breed deadwood. “After all,” they say, "why should I ask my non-performer to step aside? Isn't he better than nothing? And what guarantee do I have that his replacement will be any better?"

Management discretion gives us the power of free decision and judgment. Without discretion, execution bogs down, and we miss our objectives and goals. Discretion doesn't necessarily mean solid bench strength or a cadre of talented people standing in the wings awaiting new opportunity (although that would be nice). It can also mean effective human resource processes and systems like:

  • Recruiting and hiring processes that attract and acquire talent quickly.

  • Training programs that build new employee competence and confidence.

  • And managers who understand the importance of retention and how to earn it.

That's the Performance Leadership way: we give our clients discretion ... the power to execute. We help clients ...

  • Strengthen recruiting systems.

  • Design and establish effective hiring processes.

  • Improve performance through constructive relationship between employees and their leaders.

Union Free

The best defense against union organization is productive, happy employees. The work we do builds a human barrier against union attempts to organize your company.

Healthcare Cost

The solution to rising healthcare costs is under your roof. Your employees can be mobilized to attack this problem enabling you to not only bring health care benefit costs under control, but to significantly reduce them without changing insurance companies, shifting more cost to employees, or making significant changes to your benefit plan.

We have strategic alliances with excellent insurance plan consultants and providers of health promotion and health coaching.

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