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Hiring is the beginning of everything. It has more to do with the ultimate outcome of performance than anything else we do as leaders.

bigstock_Handshake_Over_Signed_Cotract_2333811Leadership has a moral obligation to hire conscientiously. Hiring mistakes are among the most costly mistakes made by businesses today. The waste of poor hiring and turnover takes an enormous toll on growth, profits, customer relations, and the lives of good people. Poor hiring can be devastating to employers and employees. But bad hires are not an inherent cost of doing business. They’re avoidable and can be eliminated by a systematic Performance Hiring Process.

There are two elements to hiring well… understanding job requirements and, understanding the candidate’s talents and abilities. Good hiring is a system with standards that define what we’re looking for, and processes that evaluate and assess candidates’ capabilities. It defies common sense, but far too often hiring decisions are based on gut feel, misinformation, and poor judgment by incompetent interviewers. Performance Hiring is a consistent and effective process aimed at identifying talent and eliminating all hiring mistakes.

bigstock_Attractive_Business_Woman_For__3837797Performance Hiring Boot Camp is designed to assimilate hiring discipline into your company’s culture. It builds the framework to hire well and develops the skills needed for better hiring decisions. It is highly interactive and focuses on six internal competences needed to systematically hire well….

  • Performing a job analysis
  • Defining hiring standards
  • Designing effective hiring processes
  • Planning interviews
  • The skills of behavioral interviewing
  • Reference checking
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