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“Employees are more than ‘human capital’. They should be partners and allies in accomplishing the business mission. Building that kind of organization begins with hiring processes that identify and attract talent, and competent leaders who develop that talent into loyal peak performers.

People typically leave companies for one or two reasons … either they hate their job, or they hate their boss. Hiring well and building positive constructive relationships with employees have everything to do with performance, morale, and loyalty. When loyal employees and their leaders are aligned and working together to accomplish common objectives, they are an awesome force. When the power of competent leaders and loyal talented employees is unleashed, they accomplish great things, even in the face of major obstacles and difficulties.”

billmillersmWilliam E. Miller, President
Performance Leadership, LLC

About Performance Leadership LLC

Performance Leadership LLC has a unique blend of practical management experience and creative talent. Bill Miller founded the company following a successful career spanning 35 years with a well-known Fortune 500 corporation. He was Vice President of Operations in the Great Lakes region and then returned to their corporate headquarters to lead the company's management training and development programs. He helped the company build one of the most successful management teams in the country.

Bill created and implemented the corporation's Meticulous Hiring System, Leadership and Human Relations Programs, the company's Sales Approach and Sales Training System, and their Customer Relations and Service Training. Bill is recognized as a pioneer of e-learning and created a national interactive video training network involving more than 250 locations across the country.

Successful companies have several common attributes…

  • They believe that talent drives success
  • Hiring is a disciplined process within their cultures
  • Managers involved in hiring are well trained and are held accountable for quality hires
  • Leaders maintain constructive, positive relationships with their people and believe that constructive employee relationships are a critical component of performance and success.

We understand these attributes and help our clients build them into their cultures. In the end, performance depends upon our hiring and staffing decisions and positive, constructive relationships between employees and their leaders.

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